Curated and designed by Tali Hatuka

Production assistant: Shimon Vaitzman Research assistants: Fabiola Lopez-Duran, Erhan Berat Findikli, Helga Egetenmeier. Sound and video editor: Ty Haber Curated for the Compton Gallery by Gary Van Zante and Laura Knott; installation by Don Stidsen Exhibit photos: Judith M. Daniels, Courtesy of the MIT Museum Exhibit video: Nitin Sawhney

Booklet & website graphic designer: Shereen M. Srouji

Web programmer: Duc Duong

Thanks to Diane Davis and Lawrence Vale, Marilyn Levine and Yoav Meiri.

Lenders to the exhibition: Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo, Asociación Madres Linea Fundadora, Archive Memoria Abierta [Argentina]; Archivo El Nacional, Ciudadania Activa [Venezuela]; Archiv Bürgerbewegung, Stadtmuseum Leipzig , Urban Planing Agency/Stadtplanungsamt [Germany]; Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipal Archive, Government Press Office, Yair Gil [Israel]; TÜSTAV, Cengiz Kahraman [Turkey]; Library of Congress [Washington]; Professor Tunney Lee [MIT]; Stop the War Coalition, National Archives [UK].